The South Street Fest is Taking Place With Over 70 Vendors, Live Music and an Oktoberfest Celebration [Wooder Ice: PRESS]

Sep 7, 2022 | Press

“The fall festival season is approaching and South Street is poised to host on of the largest festivals this October.

From 2nd to 8th street, The South Street Headhouse District will be hosting South Street Fest on October 1st from 11 am to 7 pm.

Over 70 vendors will be in attendance as well as live music, performances and plenty of food and drinks. The 3rd Street Gallery will also be hosting family-friendly & hands-on art projects throughout the day.  Food and drink vendors include Banh Mi & Bottles, Bistro Romano, Bridget Foy’s, Milk Boy, Puyero Venzeuelan Flavor Triple Bottom Brewing, and many more.

Originally published by Wooder Ice.
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