How to order a Philly cheesesteak — [The Philadelphia Inquirer: PRESS]

Jun 22, 2021 | Press

“OK, you’ve chosen your cheesesteak … “What do you do now?
If this is your first time, fear not: Here’s a handy cheat sheet to how to order your sandwich.

How to order a cheesesteak

  • “‘A cheesesteak wit,’ is what you say if you want onions.
  • “‘A cheesesteak witout,’ is what you say if you don’t want onions. (You can also order your cheesesteak ‘with onions’ or ‘without onions’ and nobody will mind.)
  • “At some places, you may be asked to specify whether you want American cheese, provolone, or Whiz. Don’t ask for Swiss cheese. Presidential candidate John Kerry made that mistake.
  • “Don’t ask for rare, medium rare, or medium. All cheesesteaks are well-done.


Cheesesteak Facts & Trivia

“A ‘Philly taco’ is a cheesesteak rolled up in a slice of pizza. The carbs-on-carbs creation, with the sandwich from Jim’s and the pizza from Lorenzo and Sons, was invented in 2003, by friends Jeff Barg and Adam Gordon, who called it the Lorenzo’s-Jim’s Challenge.”

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