Resilience is Woven into Philly’s Fabric Row — [The Click: PRESS]

Dec 11, 2020 | Press

Tricia and Joshua Fleishman, shown above, are the second and third-generation owners of Fleishman Fabrics on historic Fabric Row. This photo was taken in the current store at their current location on the row. 

For a brief time this fall, the old streetcar tracks were visible again on South Fourth Street in the historic Fabric Row section of the city.

Before the street was repaved in November, the dull shine of the worn steel provided a window to the past for a historic business corridor well versed in adapting to the demands and challenges of American life. 

Today is no different in many ways, as some of the remaining fabric, design and clothing stores on the row adapt to the persistent challenges of COVID-19. 

As of this writing, Philadelphia has 79,646 COVID-19 cases including 2,127 deaths.

Despite these numbers, business owners on the row have found a way to adapt during the pandemic, similar to the newly arrived immigrants a century ago who were looking for opportunities on South 4th Street.

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