The Best Cheesesteaks In Philly [The Infatuation: PRESS]

May 7, 2022 | Press

“When anyone thinks of food in Philly, the first thing that probably comes to their mind is a row of chopped beef slathered on a long roll that’s dripping with cheese.

We get territorial about cheesesteaks—we argue over cheeses and the best rolls, and when we pass a “Philly Steaks” shop in any other city, we scrutinize it like Olympic judges do gymnastics routines.

The perfect cheesesteak is different for everyone, but we’re looking for long and crackly bread, shreds of steak that have been chopped to a point where the beef has taken on a new form entirely, perfectly grilled onion cubes, and melty cheese. The way we order a cheesesteak is a rite of passage or something that’s been passed down generationally like a family recipe.

Ishkabibbile’s Eatery

“This blend of melted provolone, soft onions, and ⅛-inch-thick chunks of beef from this South Street spot is the perfect thing after a few slushies from nearby Fat Tuesday. One of the few spots in the city that has more chicken options than beef, Ishkabibble’s cheesesteaks can either be topped with american, provolone, or whiz, and go great with their half lemonade, half grape Gremlin drink. Whenever you stop by, you’re guaranteed to get a steak that’s on a long crackly roll and is the perfect squishy texture from all of the residual steak juices.

Jim’s South St.

“This place is a retro and cash-only spot filled with metallic chairs, neon signs, and a counter-service ordering system that will have you talking to a stranger about whether the perfect sandwich combination is american and onions or provolone, pickles, and peppers. We’d love to write a love letter to the sandwich here that’s served on a long cushiony roll that perfectly balances the strips of beef and crispy textures from the long cubes of onions.

Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop

If you’re grabbing a steak from Woodrow’s, order it the Woody way. That means you’ll get a long roll packed with thinly-sliced ribeye, spicy cherry pepper mayo, onions, and a creamy housemade truffle whiz that makes each bite more velvety than the next. It’s the kind of sandwich you’ll end up craving whenever you see anything that’s a shade of cheesy orange, or will just have you counting down to your next visit like it’s a NASA launch.