“Open the doors to Buenos Aires or Rosario,” at Malbec Argentine Steakhouse [Al Día: PRESS]

Jan 27, 2023 | In The District, Press

When Walter Aragonez first migrated to the United States from Argentina in 1999, he worked as a graphic designer.

But it was his lifelong dream to one day open an Argentine restaurant.


Along with his best friend ​​Daniel Sollosqui and his wife Miriam Sorto, Aragonez spent several years working in the restaurant industry in New York City.

Hard work was the name of the game as he kept his eye on achieving that dream.

In 2015, Aragonez came to Philadelphia, and opened Malbec Argentine Steakhouse, effectively turning that dream into a reality.

Located on the corner of 2nd Street in Society Hill, Malbec features a robust menu of popular Argentine dishes.

“We try to transmit our Argentine culture through the food,” Aragonez told AL DÍA.

He continued, adding that the goal is, “you open the door, you feel like you opened the door of a restaurant in Rosario [his native city] or Buenos Aires, Argentina.”

Aragonez saw an opportunity to bring authentic Argentine flavors to his new home, something he felt was missing from the Philadelphia food scene.

The recipes are from his parents, the ingredients are fresh, and all the food is made after the customer puts in the order.

“We don’t pre-cook,” said Aragonez. “We try to make the food at the moment that you order it.”


Originally published by AL DÍA.
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