New show from Philadelphia’s Yowie offers lessons in creative entrepreneurship [Billy Penn: PRESS]

Aug 8, 2022 | Press

Show producer and Yowie owner Shannon Maldonado in ‘Small Enough’ | YOUTUBE / SMALL ENOUGH

Shannon Maldonado, the mind behind acclaimed Fabric Row design shop Yowie, is in the middle of opening a second Philadelphia location that will also house a 3-story boutique hotel and full-service cafe.

In all her spare time, she’s also producing and starring in a video series.

Called “Small Enough,” the show depicts the day-to-day grind of turning a vision into reality. A 15-minute pilot debuted on YouTube last week, and its creators are looking for backers.

Maldonado, a 39-year-old Philly native, joined with fellow executive producers and and longtime friends Nathan Nedorostek and Sean Sullivan to create “Small Enough” because of what they see missing in the coverage of small business.”

Originally published by Billy Penn.
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