Mother’s Day artwork installation from The People’s Paper Co-op

May 5, 2021 | Community

The South Street Headhouse District is proud to announce a new art installation partnership between The People’s Paper Co-op and SSHD property owner, E B Realty Management.

Featuring artwork from dozens of artists, this installation is part of the “Free Our Mothers” series.

Arriving just in time for Mother’s Day 2021, the installation is located at the corner of South Street & 3rd Street. Additionally, the artwork for this project was custom printed by the UPS Store located in the South Street Headhouse District.


Born from the Village of Arts and Humanities in North Philadelphia, The People’s Paper Co-op is a blossoming art & advocacy project. As part of their mission statement, PPC “looks to women in reentry as the leading criminal justice experts our society needs to hear from, and uses art to amplify their stories, dreams, and visions for a more just and free world.”

This series includes artwork from Rommy Torrico, Molly Costello, Cristy C. Road, Nerdy Brown Kid, Lisa Congdon, Ashley Lukashevsky, & many more. In fact, the entire “Free Our Mothers” series is available for free download on The People’s Paper Co-op website.

With the intention of bailing out Black mothers and caregivers for Mother’s Day, PPC are also raising funds by selling prints and tshirts. Their funraising also includes several limited edition prints that have been silk screened onto paper made from shredded criminal records.

The South Street Headhouse District has secured this installation as a semi-permanent fixture in the district, where it will continue to brighten the corner of South & 3rd Streets until further notice.