Jeremiah Zagar on Directing Adam Sandler in Hustle, Growing Up on South Street [Philadelphia Magazine: PRESS]

Jun 16, 2022 | Press

“Filmmaker Jeremiah Zagar — son of iconic South Street artist Isaiah Zagar — gets his first major studio release this month with Netflix’s Hustle, a Philly-shot basketball movie starring Adam Sandler.

You may not know the name Jeremiah Zagar, but you’re certainly familiar with his father, Isaiah, creator of South Street’s mesmerizing Magic Gardens. But this month, movie director Jeremiah steps into the spotlight with some help from Adam Sandler, Queen Latifah — and a few NBA legends — in Hustle.

love South Street. My father’s Magic Gardens is there. My mother’s store, Eye’s Gallery, is still there. Tattooed Mom. Ishkabibble’s. South Street Souvlaki has the best baba ghanoush of all time. And sure, now you also have things like Whole Foods. South Street is alive and changing all the time. Do I have nostalgia for the arcade and comic-book shop? Yes. But I also love a good sneaker store.

Originally published by Philadelphia Magazine.
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