How To Spend Father’s Day On South Street with Every Type of Dad

Jun 16, 2022 | Featured, In The District

We think dads and other fatherly figures are definitely worth the hype! Whether your dad still rocks all the latest styles, or he’s constantly introducing you to new music (a.k.a. old music you’ve never heard before), he’s probably one of the coolest people you know (dad jokes withstanding).

Dads come in many different shapes, sizes, forms, and roles, and South Street has a little something for each one. No matter which kind of dad you have, from beard care to bar crawler, and artsy to foodie, here’s how to celebrate Father’s Day with some #SlightlyOffCenter fun in the South Street Headhouse District!

1. The Cool Urban Dad

If you’re not already your dad’s favorite child, bagging a gift from one of South Street’s premium streetwear shops is sure to help you snag first place!

If you’re seeking: Apparel, hats, sneakers, and vintage gems

Look no further than:
Gate2-15, 832 South St.   |   Ps & Qs, 820 South St. (Pictured: 1, 2)   |   Suplex Sneakers, 533 South St.   |   Totem II, 529 South St. (Pictured: 3)   |   Suplex Vintage, 720 S. 5th St.

2. The Boho / Great Outdoors Dad

Does your dad dance to the beat of his own drum? Maybe he made the drum, too? South Street isn’t *all* hustle and bustle, so help your dad kick back and relax with new gear, a new fit, and maybe even a new outlook on life ahead of his next adventure.

If you’re seeking: Outdoor gear, books on meditation and spirituality, healthy snacks, a bicycle upgrade

Look no further than:
Garland of Letters, 527 South St.   |   Totem, 535 South St. (Pictured: 1, 2, 3)   |   Essene Market and Cafe, 719 S. 4th St.   |   Queen Village Bicycles, 720 S. 4th St.

3. The Self-Care Dad

Two years of lockdown and suddenly your dad’s got a 6 step skincare regimine? Suddenly your shower is full of facial products, shampoos, lotions, and more (a noteable improvement from the 2-in-1 bottle)?

If you’re seeking: Beard care, hair care, skin care, candles, a fresh cut

Look no further than:
Another Planet Barber Shop, 808 South St.   |   Black and Nobel, 422 South St.,   |   The Cut Bar, 532 S. 4th St   |   Marsh + Mane, 529 S. 4th St. (Pictured: 1, 2, 3)

4. The Bar Crawler Dad

Sometimes you just can’t take the party out of the animal! If your dad is a night owl who loves live entertainment and bar games, and is the type to *always* order another round, help him find his new favorite spot in the South Street Headhouse District.

If you’re seeking: Stacked beer lists, drink specials, live music, bar games

Look no further than:
Woolly Mammoth, 430 South St. (Pictured: 2)   |   Dobbs on South, 304 South St. (Pictured: 1)   |   Paddy Whacks Pub, 150 South St.   |   O’Neals Pub, 611 S. 3rd St. (Pictured: 3)   |   The Twisted Tail, 509 S. 2nd St.

5. The Foodie Dad

If you’ve got a foodie dad, chances are he’s heard of (and probably eaten at) most of the amazing places on our list. The truth is, the South Street Heahouse District is full of amazing places to dine and drink and a special meal at any of these restaurants will surely leave your dad with a happy belly and a clean plate.

If you’re seeking: Seasonal ingredients, chef’s table options, fine dining, wine shops

Look no further than:
Bridget Foy’s, 200 South St.   |   The Good King Tavern, 614 S. 7th St.   |   Bistrot La Minette, 623 S. 6th St.   |   Southwark, 701 S. 4th St.   |   Puyero Venezuelan Flavor, 524 S. 4th St.   |  Bloomsday, 414 S. 2nd St. (Pictured: 1, 2, 3)

6. The Old Head Dad

For the dad who listened to Kate Bush WAY before Stranger Things, who collects media formats his kids have never even heard of, who has a collection of books so large the Philadelphia Public Library is put to shame: Be kind & rewind with any of these South Street classics.

If you’re seeking: Japanese 7″ imports, 90s R&B singles, secondhand books, concert tees

Look no further than:
Repo Records, 506 South St. (Pictured: 2, 3)   |   Vinyl Altar, 732 S. 4th St.   |  Cratediggaz Records, 711 S. 4th St.   |  Brickbat Books, 709 S. 4th St. (Pictured: 1)

7. The Artsy Dad

Has your dad been pointing out Stikman and Toynbee tiles your whole life? Is he an expert on where all the best shows are this week, what new art exhibitions are opening up, and what’s coming to the Kimmel Center next month?

If you’re seeking: Art of all shapes, sizes, and types

Look no further than:
BridgetSet Sound, 710 South St. (Pictured: 1, 2)   |  Tattooed Mom, 530 South St.   |   Eye’s Gallery, 402 South St. (Pictured: 3)   |  Brooke Lanier Fine Art, 820 S. 4th St.   |   Paradigm Gallery + Studio, 746 S. 4th St.   |   South Street Art Mart, 530 S. 4th St.   |   Worm’s Emporium, 523 S. 4th St. (Pictured: 4, 5)   |   3rd Street Gallery, 610 S. 3rd St.

8. The Dabbler Dad (“The Daddler”)

Yeah, we beat you to the punch and made our own dad joke about it!

For the dad-of-all-trades, the man who will try anything once, the guy who collects hobbies, and the father who’s always down for new and exciting experiences, here are some of our top picks!

If you’re seeking: The unknown

Look no further than:
Wooden Shoe Books, 704 South St. (Pictured: 2)   |   Rock N’ Flavors, 429 South St.   |   The Philly Game Shop, 519 S. 5th St. (Pictured: 1)   |  Sprinkled Sweetness, 510 S. 5th St.   |  Fabriq Spa, 728 S. 4th St.   |  Lightbox Cafe, 704 S. 4th St. (Pictured: 3, 4)   |   MindEscape Escape Room, 521 S. 4th St. (Pictured: 5)


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