12 Women On What Needs to Change For Women To Move Forward Economically [HerMoney: PRESS]

Mar 5, 2022 | Press


In business and in life, it is imperative as a female entrepreneur to be heard and to make sure that people are really listening. As women, we have it ingrained in us to say ‘yes’ at all times, and this is simply not the case anymore. It is ok to say ‘no’ and garner respect, too. When it comes to your business and finances, you do not need to accept something because it feels uncomfortable to ask for more or explore other options. Uncomfortable situations will pass, and facing them head-on is the only way to move forward. Operating and making decisions out of guilt will only harm yourself, your business and ultimately your own finances.”

— Elena Brennan, shoe designer and the founder of BUS STOP shoe boutique.

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